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  • Size 4 moulded ball
  • Micro dot surface for optimum grip and control
  • 100% robust rubber surface for maximum durability
  • Water-sealed valve
  • Can be played on both soft and hard surfaces

The Kickmaster Multi Surface Ball is a specially designed size 4 football for play or practice on both soft and hard surfaces. Ideal for long lasting fun on any surface, suitable for ages 5 years +

Features and Specifications

  • This multi-use game ball features Microdot texture for extra grip and control
  • The footballs outer covering is made from robust, durable 100% rubber
  • Branded in key Kickmaster colours and lines
  • Please note the design and specifications may vary
  • Can be used to play on soft and hard surfaces
  • Easy to inflate
  • Suitable for ages 5 years+

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