Why kids love bike stickers | firecloudcycles
Remember when you were a kid and everyone was sticker mad? Times haven’t changed, and stickers remain something that most kids love to decorate with. What better way to make a bike look extra cool than with a set of bike stickers?

Make it your own

Bike stickers are brilliant for first bikes because they give a sense of ownership and let your child do some simple and fun customisation. If you have several kids, bike stickers are a way for them to differentiate their bike from their siblings, or even to put their own stamp on a second hand or hand me down bike.

Get to know your bike

Bike stickers are a great way for kids to get to know the different parts of their bike if you give them a hand when they’re stickering and point out the various components and how they work together. Choose a set with chain guard stickers and you can even do some very simple bike maintenance.

Be seen, be safe

Choose reflective stickers and your child won’t only have fun decorating their cool, new bike but they’ll stay safe. The more reflective their bike and their clothing is the better, so persuade them to add reflective stickers to themselves, too.

Make helmets fun

Every parent knows how important wearing a helmet is, yet your children don’t always want to wear them. That’s where stickers come in. Encourage your child to customise their helmet with stickers and they’ll be desperate to wear it next time you go out for a ride.

Stickers stick anywhere

Stickers aren’t just for bikes – they’ll customise school bags, lunch boxes, and bedroom walls too!

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