Which kids handlebar grips are best for my child? | firecloudcycles

There’s a wide choice of grips to stop children’s hands slipping off their bicycle handlebars. However, what is available and how do you choose?


For the youngest kids there are plenty of handlebar grips that are designed to be more eye-catching than practical. There are all sorts of bright colours and can even have streamers coming out of the ends.

Security and comfort

Foam grips are soft to touch, which will make cycling easier and more pleasant for children. They are essential if you don’t want them to be put off at an early age.
They don’t last as long as plastic ones do, but they’ll probably outlast a particular bike – kids grow up so quickly!

Firmer and more secure

You can then go on to firmer grips that are more solid but still spongy – this means they’ll absorb vibrations as your child increases speed and distance.
As they get older still, and particularly if they get more active – using mountain bikes or BMXs – you might want to consider lock-on handlebar grips.
As the name suggests, they have rings at one end (sometimes both ends) that clamp around the grip and screw on tight to prevent the grips from slipping off in extreme circumstances.
All other grips simply push on, but will be perfectly secure for any ordinary cycling that children get up to.

Other factors

Handlebar grips aren’t just for bicycles. As long as you check the diameter of the tubing, they will fit scooters and other toys with handlebars as well.
You might also want to look at handlebar pads, which are foam covers for the crossbars of many children’s bike handlebars. They’ll offer protection during the inevitable head-over-heels incidents that occur in childhood bike adventures.
Take a look at the choices we have – pads, grips and other bike parts – there’s something for