How to choose your child’s first bike – a guide | firecloudcycles
Choosing your child's first bike is an enjoyable experience. You want your child to feel safe while riding their first bike, but to also enjoy their new experience. Below we have a simple guide on how to choose your child's first bike.

First balance bike

When looking for a bike for your preschooler, then the balance bike is your best option. This is a compact starter bike, designed to help children to balance. There are no pedals, meaning that children can safely place both feet on the ground, pushing themselves forward.

What to look for in a balance bike

Ideally, the bike should be as light as possible, as this makes the bike easier to move for your child. The handlebars should be easy to manoeuvre, one that uses ball bearings is best. Sturdy hand grips are also a must. When it comes to the brakes, a hand brake is useful, as it gets the child used to using this function, in preparation for their next bike. Pneumatic bike tyres are lightweight and the preferred choice, and as for the saddle, this needs to be comfortable and concave, to help your child sit in the correct position.

First pedal bike

For a child's first pedal bike, it is important that you choose one that is in correct proportion to your child, in terms of size and weight. Wheel size should ideally be that of 12 or 14 inches. Ideally, the bike should be that of an upright seating position, have pneumatic tyres that are smooth, not grooved, and have easy-to-operate brakes.
Below is a chart for sizes of bikes for each age of child
Height Of Child Age Of Child Wheel Size
98 - 112cm 3 - 5 yrs 12"
105 - 117cm 4 - 6 yrs 14"
112 - 125cm 5 - 7 yrs 16"
117 - 129cm 6 - 8 yrs 18"
125 - 136cm 7 - 9 yrs 20"
130 - 141cm 8 - 11yrs 24"
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