How to choose the best wheel size for your mountain bike | firecloudcycles

Mountain biking is the roughest, toughest, highest impact form of cycling around, and it tests riders, bikes, and their components like nothing else. The wheels get an especially hard time of it, and if you want them to stand up to everything you’re going to throw at them, they need to be selected with absolute care.

Lightweight or hard wearing, alloy or carbon, perhaps what’s most important is wheel size, so here’s a brief guide to help you choose the perfect fit for your biking ambitions…

Wheel sizes

Mountain bike wheels come in three diameters: 26, 27.5, and 29 inches respectively, and you need to choose the one that will best suit your aspirations. Most bikes only accept one size, so think about this carefully when you’re narrowing down your options; it pays to know the differences between them in case this influences your choice of ride. So, how do they vary?

26 inches

A 26 inch wheel set is the original option, and is still widely used within the sport. Great for tight, twisting trails, these wheels are extremely strong and rigid due to their shorter spokes, and there are lots of them around to choose from when you’re on the hunt for replacements.

27.5 inches

27.5 inch options are the new kid on the block, and combine the best qualities of both 26 inch and 29 inch wheels. Offering added traction and float when compared to the former, they remain both strong and easily manoeuvrable.

29 inches

29 inch wheels are best for the roughest terrain, as their increased diameter means that they’re less affected by dips and bumps in the trail. They boast excellent climbing characteristics, and are ideal for those in search of the ultimate cross country experience.

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