Chain Guards: cool, clean and safe | firecloudcycles

Investing in a kids’ bike chainguard is a smart move. Like properly inflated bike tyres, well-adjusted brakes, and a bike helmet, a chainguard is one of those essential bike parts that will help to ensure your kid’s bike is more comfortable and safer to ride.

Keep little fingers safe

Made with little ones in mind, a chainguard will help to prevent trousers legs getting caught up in the bike chain, something that can easily cause a nasty tumble, not to mention ruining a pair of trousers. A well-fitted chainguard will also keep fingers and toes away from the chain, chainring and any rear cogs, especially when carrying out any bike maintenance such as oiling the chain.

Learning about bike parts

While riding is the best part about owning a bike, doing some simple bike maintenance can also be fun and is a good way for youngsters to learn how a bike works. Regular cleaning of the bike chain is important to keep it free of dirt and running smoothly. Fitting a chainguard can help to reduce the build-up of gunk on the chain, but it will still be necessary to remove the chainguard occasionally to clean and lightly oil the chain. This is something you can do together, along with other regular jobs such as pumping up the tyres, testing the brakes, and giving the bike a clean.

A chainguard to suit your bike

A colourful chainguard in a cool design or with some added chainguard stickers adds the perfect finishing touch to a kid’s bike. Here at FireCloud Cycles, we’ve a fantastic selection of fun kids’ bike chainguards, available for boys’ and girls’ bikes. Suitable for kids’ bikes with standard 12-inch wheels, you can personalise your bike with a chainguard in the colour and style that will make your bike your own!