Buying a bike and bike kit on a budget | firecloudcycles

The boom in cycling in the UK continues to grow, inspired by the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Chris Hoy, and a host of other names who’ve helped to popularise the sport in recent years. Not only are more and more people discovering the joys of cycling for themselves, when it comes to buying a bicycle, there’s never been so many makes and models to choose from.

Choose your bike

Granted, it can all get a bit confusing, especially for anyone new to cycling and you can literally spend thousands on the latest full-carbon road bike, but even cheap bikes come with loads of great features as standard these days. If you’ve got your heart set on becoming a Tour de France winner, you’ll have to invest in a more expensive bike, but if you just want a bike for getting around on and one that’s suitable for all kinds of road surfaces, including off-road, a modern mountain bike is the ideal choice.

No need to break the bank

In terms of price, you can get a great adult or kids bike for under £200, but what kind of features should you expect the bike to have? Look for disc brakes as these are an excellent safety feature and ensure accurate braking. A bike with suspension (preferably adjustable, for road and off-road riding) makes for a more comfortable ride and a bike with a range of gears (18 to 21 is ideal) means you can tackle whatever the road throws up.

Cheap bikes and bike parts

Here at FireCloud Cycles, as well as cheap bikes, we also stock a fantastic range of bicycle components and parts that we’ve sourced from ex-manufacturing and trading companies. This means we can sell bike tyres, tubes, chains, cassettes, gear shifters, and all other spares at very competitive prices.