Why choose a Muddyfox Bike?

Muddyfox have been a leader in the cycle industry for years. One of the most famous mountain-biking brands in the world with 25 years of heritage. An energetic extreme sports brand that is tailored to the adrenaline seeker. Muddyfox can lay claim to the first Mountain bike brand in Europe.

They build above UK standards in british cycling and offer great quality at very affordable pricing. Along with a well designed bike they also offer 1 year warranty on all their bikes and because this is a UK based company you know that the service will be quick.

They offer a range of cycles from kids bikes to full size mountain bikes for women and men. These come in carefully picked colours and offer the perfect gear ratio for each age range. Muddyfox bikes are constantly evolving and this year in 2017 into 2018 they will be increasing the range in designs and updated the styles to bring a fresh new look including a whole new series that will be released soon.

We are proud to sell the Muddyfox brand with Silverfox and Bigfoot brands under these as well. If you need any help with sizes then please ask and we would be happy to help.

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